Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bounty Hunter Wars: Shipyard

Last weekend I started a piece for a shipyard idea I had for my Bounty Hunter Wars, personal project, and today I had some time to finish it. So far I'm happy with this direction. I want this world to be gritty and dirty so this was a fun piece to work on. None of the designs are final, just a fun mood and exploration piece.

A co-worker wanted to see how I do some environments, so I've also added a step by step. No 3D this time, I was trying out shape exploration. Hope you guys like it!!

Any comments or questions, let me know.

F. Acosta

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bounty Hunter Wars

This is the running title I have so far for my new personal project. This is the other female companion. I'm doing different versions of this character Rook-VIII. Trying to come up with a cool female alien lineup.

It's tough making attractive alien females, the more you draw away from human features the harder it gets, but it's a great exercise and a ton of fun.

I will share the rest as I get them done.

Also as a bonus I'm adding some sketches I did a while back of some environments i was thinking of using. In this case i didn't use 3D, still lots of fun though.