Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gretel Designs Part 3

Okay here are my 3 designs for Gretel.

Not sure which one to pick. I like parts of them all. I guess next step will be the "frankenstein" step. Grab the parts that I like and build here for final design and color pass.

Stay tuned for more!!



J. Moreno-Cruz said...

Man, I love the Pelota Vasca thingy. I am not sure what she is supposed to do with that though. I mean, if she is not in a 4-wall room, it will be kind of difficult to get the ball back!
Unless she is using it to throw grenades really far ... or something. But anyways, makes me want to play Pelota Vasca!

Fernando Acosta said...

hey Juan
Gracias por comentar. Si la verdad la pelota vasca era una idea exploratoria. Depronto ella es tan diestra que logra rebotar las pelotas en los arboles o en los enemigos y recuperarla. Siempre me ha agradado la canasta que usan y la forma es super interesante. saludos