Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey everyone,

It's been a while since my latest post, but I'm happy to say that I'm all moved into a new apartment and loving my new Job at DE. The people there are really friendly and the company takes really good care of it's employees. So far I'm having a blast!!!

Over the past couple of years I've been trying to work on different personal projects and now I've chosen to work on the "Bounty Hunter Wars" (title will change) for the foreseeing future. So pretty much I will be trying to figure the story and characters out in my spare time, and also focus a lot on developing a style and working on my colors and values.

I'm continuing a couple of iterations on shark, here's my latest pass. I've done a thousand of these and this is the closes I've come to being happy with him. I dropped the four eyed idea, I buildt a really quick proxy in zbrush to get the 3/4 angle working the way I wanted to and painted over.

Anyways, hope you like it.


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