Saturday, September 24, 2011


hey everyone,

long time no post. Been busy at work and working on my side project. I'm taking my time with it so it's taking longer than expected but i like how it's coming along. So here's a version of the sharpshooter character i had done before, but more sci-fi. I will be doing more variations on her costume as she is the main character. So expect those later one. Trying to get all the texture and stitches details into the designs to make them a bit more realistic.

let me know what you guys think


EDIT: Thanks to Alex's comments I changed the straps on her leg and try to bring out the self lighting shadows a bit more. Thanks for the Feedback!!!

Also here's a study that I did to understand the lighting and the pose a bit better.In the end I changed the lighting, but it was still very useful. I kinda like some things about the study more.


Alex Bobylev said...

Looks awesome man! You're really pushing the bar; this is your best one, imo. Love how it really comes together - stylistically and all.

If you want some critique, I'd say maybe push the self shadowing some more :/ Considering the light source seems to be pretty strong, I'd imagine the shadows on her would probably be pretty contrasty too.

As for the design itself - the only weakness imo are the belt buckles on her waist belt and the left leg -- maybe a tad too low tech for the rest of the costume. Well, my 2c.

But very-very cool either way. Congrats!~

Fernando Acosta said...

Hey Alex, thanks for your feedback.
I agree with the leg straps. I was being lazy i think, so now I've gone back and edited them. I think it looks way better now. I tried playing a bit with the shadows as well.

Thanks for your feedback!!!

Melanie said...

Hey Fer, the design is great, and work is, as usual, stellar, my only comment: pube line, seriously? :p

Fernando Acosta said...

Hey Mel,

Thanks for your comments, hehehe, I was just following the reference model :P

Zeljko Duvnjak said...

Nice work Fernando.
I like the way you designed her outfit and the gun too:)

Fernando Acosta said...

thanks for dropping by Zeljko!! hehehe the gun :P